Description: pistachio is a dioecious tree which grows in Iran and Afghanistan wildly.

Pistachio’s leaves are alternate and compound 2 or 3 leaflets sharp and terminal leaflet with light green color .

Pistachio in Iran: production and export of pistachio of Iranian pistachio annual within 1/4 to 1/7 billion make money for Iran. Kerman and Rafsanjan are important sources of production pistachio in Iran and 80 percent of pistachio production get from this region.

While in the mid 80 solar, Iranian pistachio production totaled 250 thousand tons. This amount in the beginning of the 90 solar dropped to 150 thousand tons.

Continual drouth and lack of schematization for supply water required for pistachio gardens and also bad regulation and using Chinese pesticides that cause of increasing levels of aflatoxin pistachio in Iran and recession rate of export Iranian pistachio in recent years. At the same time by increasing production pistachio in California, this country is becoming the first exporter of this product in the world.

The annual pistachio production in Iran is about 200 thousand tons and only 10 percent of this production has domestic consumption and the other 90 percent is for export. Annual consumption of pistachio to each Iranian family is 2kg.

Benefits: chemical compounds of pistachio has a lot of nutrient, so it is suitable for alimentation patients and weak people.

Pistachio is known as a good Hematopoietic in regards containing iron.

Pistachio is recommended for Opening the ducts of the liver

Pistachio strengthens stomach

To relive coughing fit

Four main types of Iranian pistachio is given below:

Fandoghi: this product is one of the pistachio and grows in most of region for pistachio cultivation in Iran. The nut of this pistachio is round. This pistachio is the round type and exist in size of below : 30-28, 32-30, 32-34

Kale ghoochi: this type of pistachio tree has good fruition and its nut is big and sizes are 22-20,24-22,26-24 and 18-20 size exist for small quantities of this pistachio.

Akbari: it is the new type of pistachio and has good fruition and its nut is big and coarse and its sizes are 20-22, 22-24, 24-26 and 18-20 size exist for small quantities of this pistachio.

Ahmad Aghaei: is the newest type of commercial pistachio in Iran. Due to the high fruition and little time to upbringing is very famous for farmers. In markets such as India and Greece, this pistachio is very famous.

It is produced in 22-24, 24-26, 26-28 sizes and 20-22 size exist for small quantities of this pistachio.

Types of packaging: shahsavand pistachio is Fandoghi type.

Shahsavand pistachio is distributed in: exportable pistachio in 80 grams packing

Roasted salty pistachio being distributed in 35 grams, 450 grams and 900 grams packing