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peeled barley 450g Barley flakes 250g

The growing period of Barley flakes named Avena sativa(scientific name) takes 1 year

.Barley beans are being cleaned , flaked and dried during the process of packing


Barley contains beneficial medical substances for treating heart diseases, Constipation and other .Digestive disorders

Oats contains several nutrients which are useful to improve heart health and Immune system such as Vitamin E, Magnesium and manganese

Barley helps reducing the amount of Low-density lipoprotein which is known as bad cholesterol of blood in several ways. One of the most impressive curing effects is the participating in the mechanism of releasing cholesterol in liver which leads to decrease the amount of LDL

Researchers in the Research Center of Madison at U.S. Department of Agriculture discovered three different substances which limit the releasing of cholesterol type LDL in liver. LDL is part of the cholesterol which is harmful for blood veins and increases the risk of heart attacks

:Barley as Anti-cancer

Doctor Charlzason, scientist and nutritionist at the University of Wisconsin, believes grains have anti-cancer chemical substances. Chemical substances in herbal grains especially in barley which are known as controllers of Protease, destroy the factors which cause cancer in the context of the intestines, as a result, Barley is categorized in anti-cancer materials.

A group of scientists believe that using barley is useful for treating constipation. The experiments done by them prove that purification of the barley flour has a direct impact on the decrease its effective benefits. Consequently; the most recommended consumption of barley is with its bran. Purified barley which is distributed in wide range in markets has less beneficial effects in comparison to barley with its bran

Barley is widely used in its origin shape or half beaten as Combined feed for animals. Nutritional Value of barley is 5 percent less than Corn because of its non-nutritious pod. However, nowadays it is tried to provide barley with more proteins and essential amino acids especially Lysine

Barley is used in cooking many kinds of bread and soup, in addition, in preparing especial foods for kids. Some types of barley which are peeled and half beaten and then separated from its pod are used in making soup.


Eating barley for who are suffering from Celiac disease relating to Allergy to gluten is prohibited

:Packing types

Shahsavand Co. offers packs of barley in two types

peeled barley 450g

Barley flakes 250g