Weight: 800 grams and 400 grams

Paking:Metal cans

In preparing the paste, Shahsund uses tomatoes grown in Mashhad, which have a more pleasant sourness than other types of tomatoes. It is also more juicy and due to the use of healthy tomatoes in the preparation of the paste, Shahsund has been able to attract the opinion of many consumers.

Tomato quality:

Tomatoes have different quality depending on the cultivated climatic region, in the north, south and center of the country.

For example, the CH variety, which is the most used in the paste industry, if it is planted in the south of the country, it must be harvested earlier due to the strong sun, so it does not have enough time for the sugar to rise and therefore Brix, and it has high pectin, as a result, the paste has a higher consistency, which is suitable for machines Paste production puts pressure.

Tomatoes in the north of the country start to mold quickly due to the high humidity of the air, and as a result, if the preparation of the paste is not done carefully, the Howard (mould threads) of the paste will rise, but the tomato of Razavi Khorasan does not have the above problems due to the suitable weather conditions. And the paste prepared from it is like Shahsund paste, colorful, tasty and uniform.