Sargol Shahsavand saffron

Weight: 0.2 gram, 0.5 gram, 1 gram, 2 gram, 0.5 shekel, 1 shekel

Paking:Cardboard box

The medicinal properties of saffron can be mentioned as ease of digestion, nerve stimulant and invigorating, strengthening the heart and stomach, increasing memory and talent, treating amnesia, removing kidney stones and anti-cancer, curing insomnia and chronic bronchitis. In order to better introduce Iran’s saffron to global tools and increase its market share, Shahsund has devised measures to improve the quality of the product, and by obtaining global standards and taking into account the needs of the target market, it is trying to flourish as much as possible.

Store the package in a dry and cool place and close the package after each use.

Warning! : Due to the composition of saffron, there is a risk of miscarriage for pregnant women. Use with caution.