Chinese sugary green tea with jasmine scent

Weight: 3 grams per pack of 25 pieces

Paking:Packaging type: double chamber without cover in a cardboard box

The healing secret of green tea is in the catechin polyphenols it contains, especially the polyphenol EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which is a very strong antioxidant. This compound is able to neutralize free radicals created by cell metabolism. It neutralizes sunlight and prevents the formation of cancer cells and destroys them without harming healthy tissues. It also reduces the rate of skin cell death due to sunlight. Green tea is able to reduce the intestinal absorption of glucose and fat, thereby reducing weight in people who consume green tea. People who drink green tea regularly weigh 10 to 18 percent less than people who don’t drink green tea.

How to brew green tea: The water temperature in this case should be 80-85 degrees Celsius. Preferably, it is better to heat the teapot before brewing the tea. Better quality tea has more flavor and is slightly sweet and does not taste bitter. Brewing temperature is very important, if it is too hot, the brew will become bitter and its good taste will be reduced. Antioxidants are destroyed at temperatures close to the boiling point, and tea loses some of its quality as the leaves are cooked.

People with low blood pressure should consume this product with honey.