CTC PF1 tea and bergamot essence

Weight: 3 grams in a package of 20 or 100 pieces

Paking:Tea bag covered in a cardboard box

In 1908, Thomas Sullivan in New York City was the first American to invent the tea bag. He sold tea in small silk bags to his customers. Although today many people like to brew dry tea and its aroma, but still the speed of dyeing and brewing tea bags has made it have its own fans. be The best type is sugar CTC. Due to the smallness of the tea particles and as a result the increased contact surface with the boiling water, the tea bag will color quickly. T-bags are made of cellulose and are usually in the form of: pillow or single chamber, double chamber or double chamber, pyramid, etc.

To prevent anemia, avoid drinking tea at least two hours before and after meals.