Jam & Honey

a sweet morning

Even talking about it makes me hungry. When we pass by the shelves of jam, marmalade and these fruit spreads in the stores, we see all kinds of them. Jam is made from crushed pieces of fruit with sugar, which evaporates and thickens with heat. Among the common fruits that are used to make jam, we can mention cherry, carrot, scallion and strawberry.

Shahsavand Jam & Honey
Jam production has long been a popular way of preserving fruit for a long time. In fact, jam is the main basis of the breakfast table and the consumption of fruit jam is always considered as an integral part of every breakfast table. Starting a new day by having an energetic breakfast full of fresh fruit flavors makes a person energetic and cheerful during the day. Depending on its type and the fruits used, jam is also a supplier of essential vitamins for the body. It can be said that none of the food groups have as much diversity in color, taste and pleasantness as fruits.