Herbal Tea

Healing from the heart of nature

This collection is presented with two brands, Shahsavand and Dr. Oz. The Shahsavand brand includes: double-chamber coated teas in a pack of 12 pieces in 8 types, single-chamber coated teas in a pack of 20 pieces in 7 types, covered pyramid in a pack of 14 pieces in 11 types, and the Doctor brand of 15 pieces. It is in 21 types.

Shahsavand Herbal Tea
Among the various herbal teas, lemon, lavender, green tea, blooming, lemongrass, cypress, borage, etc. are among the most popular. The best way to prepare these drinks is to put the clean leaves and stems of these plants in a teapot and brew it. But since many people do not have enough time to brew tea, Shahsund prepares various herbal teas in the form of sachets. These teas, combined with rose, saffron, ginger, etc., get a wonderful aroma and taste.