baking powder

baking powder is distributed in 180 grams cans

Description: yeasts are the most important ingredients needed for baking bread, cake and pastry and effective for better ferment of dough.

Although, yeasts are basically biological creature but some compounds such as baking soda and baking powder have the role of yeast. Yeasts release compounds that due to the air bubbles.

Way of working these two substances are based on an acid reaction. When an acid and a base react together, undo each other and as a result, producing water and other neutral compounds.

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is a base compound. In preparing cake, bread and pastry, using acidic compounds such as milk that combined with these base and produced carbon dioxide and water.

Baking powder is a mixture of an acid and a base and if one liquid added to it, the reaction between acid and base will begin quickly. Base in the powder in fact is the same baking soda which is often combine with a dry acid such as tartaric acid. In preparing these article using starch as filler. These article by absorbing the humidity in the environment and avoiding from reactions between acid and base in it, increase the durability of baking powder. However only add some water as solvent to it will be cause of reaction.

Quantity of consumption: using more than enough baking powder in formulations creates a coarse texture and compact, because excessive gas expansion that cause of the atonic of Gluten network structure which destroyed during cooking and get a volume reduction. Also underutilization of baking powder cause of that tissue compression and compact in finished product.

It’s interesting to know, for this reason cooking experts recommend to combine dry ingredients separately to prevent from rapid reaction between acid and base in baking powder.

Types of packing: shahsavand baking powder is distributed in 180 grams cans