Benefits of coffee consumption for health

It may be strange for some people to know that coffee is good and healthy. But it is true. Coffee is rich in antioxidants and beneficial substances that improve your health. Studies show that people who drink coffee are less prone to certain dangerous diseases. Here are some of the most important benefits of drinking […]

Nutrition according to the nature of aging

Examples of moderate foods are: animal oil, olive oil, sesame oil, animal butter, grape seed oil, dates, raisins, sweet almonds, chicory, portulaca oleracea, willow, mulberry, honey, vegetables, garlic, onion, onion, olive, Celery, sorrel, broth, pomegranate, jujube, barberry juice one to two glasses a day, lettuce, parsley, grape juice, vinegar, lemon juice and….

What is capping?

Coffee is a complex product with a great variety of flavors that can be influenced by the type of local subspecies, tree life, altitude, harvest method, processing method, roast, etc., which can have very different flavors. As a result, coffee alone is not enough. This diversity requires us to measure and describe different coffees. A […]