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Shahsavand® Simin Company and its subsidiary factory were established in 2012, with an area of approximately 20000 square meters. With the aim of improving product’s quality and variety, this company has employed eligible personnel who are high ranked in educational aspects, skills, job experience and other business features and has kept them up-to-date through holding work-related training courses.
Shahsavand® Simin Company has been honored for receiving several domestic and foreign awards for the quality of its products during its establishment up to now. Its main products are tomato paste in different weights, non-meat canned foods, canned fruits and jams.
Assigning a defined and sophisticated schedule in order to improve managing system and evaluating the results of the made efforts continually, has always been the priority of Shahsavand® Simin Company.
“This Policy is a framework for the quality goals of Shahsavand® Simin Company.”