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Earning more market share by different firms and institutes has forced them to do their best to become a winner in this Competition. On the other hand, customers always request to get high level of satisfaction. Therefore, firms are looking for outstanding status in market and customers are also looking for better supplier. Reaching these goals is closely related to 1-product quality 2-customer satisfaction. These two concepts are very significant for organizations which provide goods or services.

Distributing firms are some of those organizations that provide services for customers and have an essential role in economic development of country. Understanding the relation between product quality and customer satisfaction could be effective in improving services provided by these companies and achieving more customers’ satisfaction. How to understand this relation is one of the major points for these organizations especially distributing company.

Measuring the customer’s satisfaction and quality of services through customers’ point of view indicates that organizations are moving toward quality.

Quality of products or services means “their ability to fulfill the customer’s needs and expectations”. Quality needs to be defined firstly in terms of parameters such as design quality, adaptation and availability of service location.

One of the most striking reasons for distribution companies to be privileged is definitely the existence of distribution channels which are mainly designed to meet the seller’s needs of marketing method. Company sources, buyer’s behavior, competitor’s strategy and production are some environmental factors available in distribution channels. Starting point to choose an effective channel management depends on target market, requirements and their priority.


Distribution is the process mixed with marketing to make a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user. In other words, the main task for distribution management is moving a product from its manufacturing source to its customers in appropriate time and place.

Distribution channel

Distribution channel is a path through which goods and services travel from the seller to the consumer. It makes connections between producers and consumer.

Regarding to mentioned statements, Shahsavand® holding with more than two decades experience of manufacturing and packaging high quality products in the country, has decided to start a stable distribution network all over the country under the name of Faraz.

Faraz network has succeeded to deliver Shahsavand® ’s products to the markets all around the country using more than 150 trucks and 17 equipped food storages.

Shahsavand® distribution organization also holds different training courses for its staff in order to present high quality services to its customer.

The high customer satisfaction level regarding to the personnel’s function indicates that Shahsavand® Holding has presented acceptable performance.

At the end, it is reminded that Shahsavand® distribution holding will be pleased to receive all commands and criticism form esteemed experts.