Shahsavand Samin Company(Tshop)

About Shahsavand Samin:

T-Shop specializes in tea, coffee and various beverages. T-Shop is a space for conscious selection and selection of teas, coffees and herbal teas. In these stores, people can choose and drink their favorite product from a variety of drinks and teas according to their tastes and temperaments. On the other hand, T-Shop intends to provide explanations and training on the characteristics of beverages and how to prepare them, take the selection process out of the realm of habits and turn it into a conscious and meaningful behavior. T-Shop is actually a place for learning and advice on drinking. In addition to sales, T-Shop staff consider customer training and counseling to be their mission. Nature and health enthusiasts visit T-Shop to talk, talk and listen about what they want, and feel the satisfaction of T-Shop employees from their company.

T Shop started operating in 2013.
The goal of T-Shop is to spread the culture of drinking and to create or revive the methods and traditions of choosing and consuming drinks. In T-Shop, for each customer, Demnoosh is offered according to his temperament and taste.

Mr. Ali Yasai, CEO of T-Shop, is a member of the Iranian Productivity Association, a member of the World Tea Test Association, and a member of the Iranian Strategic Management Association, a member of the Iranian Medicinal Plants Association.