Shahsavand Faraz Company

Shahsavand Faraz Company

The competition between institutions and firms to gain more market share and customer satisfaction to achieve greater satisfaction has led both firms to seek a privileged position in the market and customers to seek clues to reach the best suppliers. Achieving these goals is closely related to examining the two concepts, the quality of goods and customer satisfaction, the study of these two concepts in service markets due to special features, services are more sensitive and important and also of special importance for service providers. .

One of the companies and organizations that have worked in the field of providing services and its role and importance in the economy and development of the country is not hidden from anyone, are broadcasting companies. Therefore, it seems that discovering the relationship between these two concepts can be effective in improving and improving the level of services provided by these companies on the one hand and gaining more customer satisfaction on the other hand, how to achieve this can be one of the issues. Be prominent in service organizations, especially broadcasters.

Measuring the quality of services from the customer’s point of view and customer satisfaction are among the internal measures that indicate the orientation of organizations towards quality.

The quality of service is the readiness of the service or product for the user, which itself requires the quality of design, compliance, and availability of the place of service.

One of the most obvious reasons for the distinction is the distribution of distribution channels.

Distribution channels have been created and designed to meet the needs of vendors to implement marketing mixes.

Environmental factors in these channels include company resources, buyer behavior, competitors’ strategies, and self-production.

The starting point for choosing an effective channel management depends on the target market and its needs and priorities.

Distribution definition:

One of the components mixed with marketing is that in the simplest case, it is responsible for transferring the product from the place of production to the place of purchase of the customer. In other words, the most important task of distribution management is to make the product available to potential customers at the right time and place.

Simple Distribution Channel Distribution: A set of affiliated organizations and individuals that makes the desired product or service available to end customers. The distribution channel connects producers and customers to each other.

According to the above-mentioned definitions and analyzes, Shahsovand Holding, with a history of more than two decades of production and delivery of quality goods in the country, has recently established a coherent and efficient distribution network.

The channel distributes the company’s distribution products, which are manufactured in various holding factories, by a very strong network of transportation and mechanized warehouses across the country to distribute capillaries by the network.

At present, 17 central warehouses have the optimal conditions for storing all kinds of food industry goods and up to 150 trucks and vans equipped to deliver the goods needed by customers in the corners of our dear and vast country are ready to serve.

Holding Shahsvand Distribution Organization is holding regular training sessions in order to update its human resources and intends to provide services at the world class level to its esteemed Iranian customers.

The level of satisfaction with the performance of the units of this unit by esteemed customers is a proof that this unit has been able to show acceptable performance in this regard. In the end, it should be noted that the Shahsvand Holding Distribution Organization welcomes the opinions and suggestions of respected experts in this field with open arms.