Rice is one of the most important cereals and food items in the world. Half of the world’s population depends on rice as a staple food. There are already “tens of thousands of types of rice” in the world.

The Iranian species can be pollinated. دابو. Tarom, Charam 1, Charam 2. Sadri (including black-tailed deer, yellow-tailed deer, and red-tailed deer), Binam, Ali-Kazemi, Champa, etc. Some rice cultivars in the northern region of Iran, specifically in Gilan province, include Indic cultivars such as Gharib, Hashemi, Hassani, and Pollen, which appear to be the result of traditional selection by farmers (and possibly a number by researchers). In the plains and valleys of Gilan province, the paddy fields around the cities of Soomehsara, Fooman, Talesh, and Tarom have been obtained over time, respectively. Of course, a type of rice grown in the Sirvan region of Ilam for many years is called Anbarbo rice, which tastes very fragrant, but because it is cultivated in proportion to the area, it has not been sold in large quantities, but it has been exported to Iraqi Kurdistan and Tehran for several years. It happens.

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