vanilla is available in 25 grams packages


vanilla is a fruit vegetable which is called vanilla Plan folia. Vanilla is in the form of a black thin pod. It must be split with a sharp knife and then with the back of the knife the pulp of it must be taken out

Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices being used widely. The popularity of this spice is because of its pleasant flavor

In Iran vanilla is known as an expensive white powder. This powder, actually is a chemical product which is named Vanillin, it is made by the taste and smell of the vanilla . This product is distributed in large quantities and low prices. Vanillin has just 1 out of 36 different Aromas of vanilla and also there is no natural benefit of vanilla in this product


.Vanilla’s skin contains tiny scented seeds which are used in confectionery and cosmetic products

.These tiny seeds contain molecules which help the skin to stay young and rejuvenated

:Uses of this product

.The best way is to use it as powder in an amount of maximum up to 2 grams

The pleasant aroma and taste of vanilla made it an essential element in industry and it is mostly used in desserts, pudding and flavored milks

:Type of packaging

.Shahsavand vanilla is available in 25 grams packages