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cardamom is distributed in 10 grams packages.

Description: cardamom is an herb that grows in warm regions. Its home is India and about 80 percent of the cardamom in the world being farmed in this country.

Scientific name of this herb is “Elettaria cardamom” and the class of “Liliop sida”.

Cardamom fruit is like oval and it can be found in yellow, green and black. Cardamom has brown aromatic beans that are being used as spice and seasonings in food recipe.

Chemical compounds: cardamom has volatile essence in approximately 4 percent and contains resin and fat.

Properties: according to ancient medical history of Iran, the nature of cardamom is warm and dry.

Chewing cardamom beans after a meal can help to better digestion and eliminates bad breathing. Cardamom stimulates appetite and improve digestion.

Drinking warm infusion of cardamom reliefs colitis, malnutrition, Bloating, nausea and prevent from hypersecretion stomach acid.

One of the specific properties of cardamom is prevent from formation of mucus in the throat. Therefore it can be added to dairy products and pudding to undo the effect of milk that cause of formation mucus in the throat and also helps to digest it.

Cardamom beans has benefits of expectorant medicine and clear Bronchus, nose and breast from excess mucus and secretions.

Cardamom has thermal properties and energizing, therefore cardamom helps to improve morale and wasted energy, reduce anxiety and effective in reliving depression.

Cardamom is strengthen the heart, lower fever, treating cold, anti-poisoning, relieve arthritis pain and it’s helpful for removing eye diseases.

Cardamom also strengthens the kidneys and is helpful for Enuresis in children.

It is proven in studies that cardamom with 69/6 percent of inhibition of oxidation has antioxidant properties.

Disadvantages: high consumption of cardamom is harmful to the intestines. Also increase heartthrob and dangerous for heart disease, lung and in hot temper and should be eaten with sugar.

Uses of this product: the fragrance, warm nature and appetizing properties of cardamom makes it as a best flavorings for potable, dessert and pastry. In India, Middle East, Europe and Latin America using this spice for prepare breads, cake, pastry and also tea and coffee.

For making aromatic food, pastry or jam needn’t to open its pod and using the black cardamom beans, but cardamom fruit with the same pod, makes foods enough aromatic.

Furthermore, some people for making tea, add some cardamom beans or cardamom fruit. This tea is more tasty and also has therapeutic properties.

In many pastries and traditional dessert of Iran, using squash cardamom.

Types of packing : shahsavand cardamom is distributed in 10 grams packages.