Keshtosanat Samin Shahsavand

Shahsvand Simin Company in Iran – 25 km from Mashhad city has been established in Sento road of Ferdowsi industrial town with an approximate area of ​​20000 square meters. The company was put into operation in 2012 in order to produce a variety of food products, such as Shahsvand products, including tomato paste in different […]

Shahsavand Samin Company(Tshop)

About Shahsavand Samin: T-Shop specializes in tea, coffee and various beverages. T-Shop is a space for conscious selection and selection of teas, coffees and herbal teas. In these stores, people can choose and drink their favorite product from a variety of drinks and teas according to their tastes and temperaments. On the other hand, T-Shop […]

Shahsavand Faraz Company

The competition between institutions and firms to gain more market share and customer satisfaction to achieve greater satisfaction has led both firms to seek a privileged position in the market and customers to seek clues to reach the best suppliers. Achieving these goals is closely related to examining the two concepts, the quality of goods […]