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About Shahsavand®

Shahsavand® Companies Group, due to its institutor, Mr. Mohammad Saied Feisal family experiences in manufacturing and industrial process, provided its basis in 1997 through establishing tea packaging workshop. Shahsavand® was the first company which packed CTC Tea in Iran.
In 2004, as demand gradually grows, the institutor established a professional factory, named Shahsavand® Zarin and production is relocated to a bigger site on Toos Industrial Zone in Mashhad.
At the same time through obtaining required standards and sanitary permits from Standard Organization and the Ministry of Health, Shahsavand® Zarin started producing high quality products. Consequently, through made efforts, Shahsavand® Zarin played a significant role in domestic Market Share.

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Over 5 years, Shahsavand® Zarin increased its production capacity through increasing the number of production line which led it to gain a significant market share.

The first priority of Shahsavand® Zarin has always been producing healthy food products and providing customers with reasonable and competitive prices. To reach these goals, Shahsavand® Simin Co. was founded to add canned non-meat products to the range of Shahsavand® products.
Meanwhile through establishing Shahsavand® Faraz, distributing company, Shahsavand® became able to reach the markets of across Iran. Faraz Company, in regards to meet its first priority as being the most reliable member of distribution industry and being innovative in chain of distribution, has always been industrious and has tried to take in enthusiastic staff.
Receiving several citations and awards such as Diamond Citation of International Logistics & Distribution conference indicates the competency of this group. Consumer advocates indicates that Shahsavand® has reached its goals successfully.
Shahsavand® R&D department was established to produce knowledge-based products. One of the first achievements of R&D department is establishing a new factory, International Shahsavand® Paydar, in Sarakhs special economic zone with aiming to expand export of the company.
Receiving HALAL certificate and participating in several international exhibitions facilitated the successful appearance of Shahsavand® in foreign markets. As a result of sincere efforts, Shahsavand® was selected as exemplary unit in export in 2006, 2008 and 2009 by Ministry of Industry.
TeaShop chain stores, offering luxurious Shahsavand® products, established to provide Iranian conscious customers with a varied range of tea, coffee and herbal infusions in regards to enable customers to choose their needs based on their tastes. In addition, TeaShop is your counselor to the world of health due to choosing the best products from the best farms worldwide.
Now, Shahsavand® holding backed up with more than 4 generations of experience in food industry, 7 companies, 500 different products, 26 brands and 1200 staff is considered as one of the most effective major industrial companies in Iran and consistently going forward in quality and performance.
Shahsavand® concentrates on making high-quality and healthy products with unique packaging design through choosing the best raw materials.

“Making high quality and healthy products has been priorities
of Shahsavand ® Company up to now”

Shahsavand® Holding’s Board Members

Shahsavand Zarrin Chairman Of The Board Shahsavand’s Chief Executive Officer Shahsavand Zarin’s Vice President Shahsavand Faraz’s Chairman of The Board Shahsavand’s Sales Manager Shahsavand Zarin’s Commerce Manager
Mr. Mohammad Saeid Feisal Mr. Mohammad Feisal Mr. Majid Feisal Mr. Hasan Noroozi Asl Mr. Reza Esmatpour Mrs. Mitra Tavakoli

Shahsavand® Holding’s Superior Managers

Shahsavand Faraz’s Managing Director Shahsavand Simin’s Managing Director Shahsavand Mehr Samin’s Managing Director International Business Manager R&D Director Shahsavand’s IT Manager
Dr. Mohammad Taher Mohammad Nezhad Mr. Masoud Tavakoli Mr. Alireza Ashraf Mr. Vahid Zamani Ms. Ashraf Hasan Zadeh Dr. Hossein Banaeian


Shahsavand® Companies Group mission is to provide a level of commitment to its customers beyond that found anywhere in food industries. Our level of commitment is demonstrated daily in our efforts to provide high quality products and services, tailored to the customers’ wants, produced to meet their needs in any quantity, and delivered to meet their schedule.

For more than 20 years, our team of professionals on food industries has offered our customers high quality products. At Shahsavand® , the customer always comes first. That’s the Shahsavand® difference.