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We are honored to introduce Shahsavand’s latest product, TeaMix.

Shahsavand TeaMix has different taste in comparison […]

Fields of Activity


Through the years, Shahsavand® has continued to meet the changing demands of worldwide consumers, moving producing into the future by developing products for the way we consume today.

Iranian tea and other Iranian food products are among the finest in the world owing to strong geographical indications, heavy investments in food industry units, continuous innovation, augmented product mix and strategic market expansion.

Respecting exporting and introducing Iranian products, Shahsavand® authority has expanded its international trade with famous international brands from different parts of the world.


Packaging can be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use. Packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs, and sells.

Shahsavand® Company has taken important steps toward packaging of its own products by applying experienced designers to design packages based on the type and maintenance condition by the use of modern machinery.

Claimed by consumers for years, the brand is known for its innovative and preservative products’ design.

Distribution Network

Through the fast and reliable Shahsavand® distribution network, Shahsavand® products are available all-around Iran’s markets

Nowadays, the demand of providing appropriate and up to dated services to customers is one of the most essential prerequisites of success for each company.

Faraz company, responsible of Shahsavand® distribution network, has been always pioneer in developing and changing its infrastructure based on market demands.

Shahsavand® Zarin

Shahsavand® Zarin, was established in 1993, is one of the leading food packaging and manufacturing companies of Iran. Importing, packaging and distributing were the main first initial activities. Making high quality and healthy products has been the priority of Shahsavand® Company up to now.
Shahsavand® Zarin is one of the top 10 biggest and well-known companies in packaging and food manufacturing industry among Iranian food companies.

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